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solar panels faq

Many of the frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ section below. However, if you still need assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help.


Are solar panels worth it uk?

Depending on your consumption, location, suitability an system you could see huge savings in electricity bills. They can also add between 5 and 15% to the value of your property Contact us for a free evaluation.


Are solar panels recyclable?

Yes. There are companies dedicated to this process. Feel free to contact us at Platinum Electrical Solutions if you need to recycle/replace any panels.


Are solar panels expensive?

No. Panels themselves are not expensive, but they are useless without professional installation with the correctly calculated accompanying components (inveter & battery)


Can solar panels charge a battery directly?

Yes. Solar panels can directly charge and appropriate battery so that energy can be stored and then used later (at night for example).


Can solar panels drain batteries at night?

No. Solar panels neither produce or use energy at night.


How long do solar panels batteries last?

Most solar batteries have a manufacturer warranty of at least 10 years. Like any battery, they will degrade over time (more or less depending on usage), but will continue to work with reduced capacity as they degrade.


Are solar panels a good investment?

Generally yes as they will reduce energy bills and can add between 3% and 15% to the value to your property. Return on investment can be anywhere between 3 and 20 years purely in energy savings.


Are grants available for solar panels in the uk?

There are generally grants available for renewable energy installations in specific sectors. They can also reduce carbon taxes for businesses.


Can I use solar panels as roof?

Yes. You can replace sections of your roof with a “built-in” solution or even replace typical roof tiles with solar tiles.


Can solar panel overcharge battery?

No. As long as you have an appropriate battery and BMS (battery management system) installed by a professional MCS accredited integrator such as Platinum Electrical Solutions.


Can solar panels work without battery?

Yes. A system without a battery can be suitable where consumption is exclusively or at least mostly during daylight hours


Solar panels and battery cost?

The battery is generally the most expensive component in a PV system, but can hugely increase your self consumption. The more information that you can provide to Platinum Electrical Solutions the more accurately we will be able to calculate the advantage of battery storage.

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