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ev charger faq

Many of the frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ section below. However, if you still need assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help.


Are EV charging stations free?

No. For certain users there are grants available for the purchase and installation of EV Chargers (if being installed by a OZ Grant qualified installer such as Platinum Electrical Solutions).


What EV charger?

This depends on several factors. Please contact us for a free consultation.


How much EV charging cost?

This depends on the cost of your electricity at home (generally between 20p and 40p). This could be free with a solar panel installation at home.


Can solar panels charge a battery directly?

Yes. Solar panels can directly charge and appropriate battery so that energy can be stored and then used later (at night for example).


EV charger tethered or untethered?

This is a personal preference. Untethered provides more flexibility for use with various vehicle types.


How long do solar panels batteries last?

Most solar batteries have a manufacturer warranty of at least 10 years. Like any battery, they will degrade over time (more or less depending on usage), but will continue to work with reduced capacity as they degrade.


Are EV chargers universal?

There is a universal socket which all modern EVs are compatible with. Certain features and charging speeds may only be available for specific vehicles.


Does EV charger increase home value?

Yes. Marginally.


Where to buy EV charger?

Only buy from a reputable and qualified supplier and installer such as Platinum Electrical Solutions.


EV charger with solar?

The combination of and EV, EV charger and a solar panel installation could potentially offer you free motoring (fuel).


Can solar panels work without battery?

Yes. A system without a battery can be suitable where consumption is exclusively or at least mostly during daylight hours

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